Frilli Impianti Company was born in 1912 in Poggibonsi, with Frilli Brother’s name. It was founded by Cesare, Francesco and Giovanni, who produced already in 1914 the first industrial still made in copper with avant-garde technologies for that period. The real expansion starts after the second world war, about 1984, when by exploiting the experience made through Grappa and Distillates production, the firma begins shifting its own business to plants commercializing and production.

At the end of Sixties, company name and structure have been changed into Frilli Costruzioni Industriali S.p.A., simultaneously to Company internationalization. The first plants were actually produced outside of Italy, especially in France and Spain.

During Seventies, due to energy crisis too, Frilli expanded its technological knowledge and realized its own technologies and patents, which allowed to enlarge the market and to export plants also to other continents.

During Nineties, after and internal reorganization and also an ownership change, the company was named as currently. All that happened without impairing the spirit, which takes the company to increase its reliability and above all to succeed in covering the whole intercontinental outline with its own experiences.